Take a break from a busy life for enjoyment and for it you can go with the candy crush. The game is offered by the king, and it is for android, web browser, IOS, and many more platforms. In which you will get the great fun with some amazing puzzles and most of them come with fruits objects. The users should match them perfectly for grabbing the high amount of rewards. All the players can download it by the android store or official game website.

It is free to use but for more things we need to pay some real money also. Many beginners have no idea about How to beat candy crush, and it is a big issue for them. If you are one of them, then you can go with fantastic clues for playing long in the game.  

Begin from the lower part

Users are radical for success, and they are making many mistakes for it. We have to know where to start the puzzles. You have to begin from lower and reach on the top, and it is a safe way for surviving long enough on it.  

Use boosters 

There are various kinds of boosters, and we can smash puzzles. They are easy to get, but we have to buy it by spending some amount of currency. We have to know about the real use of them and such are powerful for leveling up.

Save the lives

Lives are an important part of the game, and these are capable of giving us more chances for winning. After the time is over we can use the lives for resume, and you have to manage the more lives. For that, we must go with some special tasks and additional tools to grab.